Grade 6


Home, A place you should appreciate

Home is a place where you love, you laugh, you smile every single day, most people don’t even appreciate what they have but little do they know some don’t even have anything to appreciate but yet they still appreciate their alive.
Why would you go out with some fake friends who soon enough will forget about you and move on with their life when you can spend every second of your life in a place where you laugh more than anywhere where you’re loved the most, a place where you smile the most?

Every minute you’re not at home for an unreasonable excuse someone loses their home for a reasonable excuse. Home is a loveable place, a place where you belong, a place where you’re accepted. You would scream at your parents for not waking you up but as you get older and older you’ll scream at your parents for not buying you what you wanted even though they payed for everything you currently have including your life, instead of being so ungrateful because you got a iphone 11 max when you wanted iphone 12 max pick up your shattered life and put it together