Grade 5


home A place for rest and relaxation

400 years ago there were homes made from wood and they were homemade. The houses were not as big as the ones we have now. But they were still ‘homey’ for people. Home is not just a place that has food or water. Home is not just any house. Home is the house with your memories and the place that you think is safe.You can’t say that this is my home as soon as you move into it. Even if it’s bigger than the other one. I wish everyone would have a home. Not just in Canada… I want everyone in the WORLD to have a home, even if it’s a small one OR a big one. Then you can make it ‘homey’. Home to me means freedom. Food. Safety. Family. I love my home. And I wish you do too. Try this. Pretend you’re at home. Didn’t it feel good? See, at home you can relax and be yourself.