Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

Home, a place everyone should earn

I come back from school and open the door.
I step onto the smooth wooden floor.
It’s more than just walls and a roof that’s in place.
The memories that lie, fill this home with great space.

The fresh cooked food makes my stomach delighted.
The environment around makes me very enlightened.
The rooms in my home are our very own space.
The happiness around the tears it will replace.

My home is the place where I’m safe to stay.
No one can change me in any way.
My home is the place where I am free.
FREE to just only be ME.

In my home the possibilities are endless.
The joy inside fills the home with friendliness.
My home is the place where I grew.
The place where I learned something new.
The place where I became who I am.

This home is the place full of happiness and love.
This home is the place where you are beloved.
This home is the place where I rest my head.
On my cozy big white bed.

My home is something everyone should earn.
No matter their race, country, color or style.
Home is a place where everyone should learn.
Everyone deserves a home like mine!