Grade 6


Home, a derived cell

Home. Quite a fortunate tell compared to a fed up dwell of a broken cell. Propel my delay to conject a moral mental state. Initially a tendency to reside flies upon my potential faith. An atom that shines via dawn cracks the case of its will, may energy tame the vector refinement of a function maim lanced to the axiom.. Pose to question the linear facts of space to the time that is peculiar to humanity. Whom that owns a home feels like they are in a fusion link to the respective zeal. Rather than a contrast of rights I limit from the past. Dawn of justice to its peak with a wheeze of a breeze provides a citrus scent on my fellow cells that supports my holt and descend so underneath my knees don’t collapse down facing the dire friend. Suppose the compassion lays flat on lies, momentum absoulute to its incline rises a mountain of what it means to sustain home. In my ear vibrates a sound so amped it appears to be a fine cosine that resides in my strenuous world. Now a travel past the seven seas would alert me to the open spree. May a spark in my eye combust the desire to lack some slack. Cope a memory induced with light in me, obtains, since the world I may exclaim possesses a mighty fear of lost matter. Pounce a field of wraiths and I might bypass a conspiracy to walk on shattered water full of fantasy. Great love is contagious in a home, Thus being together might just get you a grind that erupts your heart with light may shine to these stars. I sweat the equity in my home and my assets are perhaps the home in me detain the envy.