Grade 6



A home is a place where you can feel warm and safe
not trying to worry and never in a hurry.

It’s a place with four walls, beds and all
where you can shout let all your emotions out.

You may not be rich in money but you are always rich in love
your family is there to keep you up, give you a hand to lift you up.

A home isn’t perfect you may not think it’s worth it
but it’s a structure built for you to live under
you feel safe not having to worry about negativity and hate.

Home can be a ruckus
but a place to fill buckets
for family and friends who are in need
but you indeed
are there to make them feel free
from all that may be.

Home is for acceptance not bringing people down
when they have a frown turn it upside down.

So what I am saying is a home is for praying
and a place where I am staying
giving people a hand up not a hand out
giving a shout to let others know they are not left out.

Go out and make a change;
be brave!