Grade 6



Home to me is when l get home
it can be loud or quiet,warm or cold.
Home is a place where l feel safe
and my family loves me.
When l get home l see food on the table,
a warm bed and a bathroom roof over my head.
What l feel inside my heart at home
is a bright, happy, warm feeling.
When I get home I go up stairs and do my homework
After that l play with my loving sister
Soon, my dad will come home greet us,
My mom will call us when it’s time for dinner
and it will be healthy and nutritious.
Soon I will go to bed and do that all over again.
Home is a place where l feel safe.
It make me sad that some people don’t have a home
And that some people have to live on the streets
And that they don’t have food and water.
Some people in the world might have a home but soon their government will confiscate it
and they will have to live in the streets.
From other peoples’ actions or our actions we might have taken their home
Being without a home is being without a good life