Grade 5

Grande Prairie


As I lay on my thin mattress, shivers go down my spine the cold drift from the hole in the curtain are rushing to my face. My cheeks are stinging. I couldn’t tell my Mommy how cold it was, she works so hard for the little amount we have. Mommy isn’t home, she’s at the diner cleaning up. Every night she comes home and counts the money and everytime I see tears run down her cheeks like water on glass. I give her the biggest hug I can and she says everything’s ok, but it’s not. Tonight I’m excited, it’s finally dinner night! Sometimes Mommy can’t save enough money for dinner. When she can it’s only a loaf of bread, but it’s enough for me. As I go downstairs I see a man talking to Mommy. Mommy’s tears fill her face as she gives me a hug explaining that since she can’t afford to keep us alive I had to go to the orphanage. It was cold and clammy. I didn’t talk to anyone, I just laid down on my assigned bed and slowly drifted to sleep. When I woke up I was overjoyed, my Mom and a smiling woman were beside my bed. I jumped into Mommy’s arms. She said an organization called Habitat for Humanity would help her get back on her feet and give us a home. I now know home doesn’t have to be where you were born or where your family is, it’s various things. Where you feel comfort, love, happiness, and safety. Lots of kids don’t get safe homes or a place where they feel safe like many of us do. It doesn’t matter where you live that makes a home, it’s where your heart is.