Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador


So today i’m going to tell you:The meaning of home.
There is somethings I got to tell you all & there important.

Support:Everyone needs some help all the time,everyday.Like your parents help you,your grandparents help you,your friends help you,your aunts & uncles help you & even your cousins help you so you should help them.

Irreplaceable:Nobody besides pets can be replaced from a family.No family can be replaced by a doctor,a vet,the police or any other people.

Love:Everyone in your family loves you,even if your father or mother yell or get mad at you when you broke a vase,they still love you.Whatever you do, they still love you,from birth to death,even if your parents are in heaven,they will love you.

So that’s all the words that i know & that are important to me.