Grade 6



To me home doesn’t mean a house to me it means family. A house isn’t a home without a family. That’s what I always think. I still remember that moment as if it were yesterday. It was when I found a rare bird. It happened in my old home. It was a very beautiful morning when I heard the chirps of a baby bird. When I went outside I saw that it was a baby bird, but not just any bird, it was a baby whistling thrush. It had a broken wing. Since I knew hat my parents wouldn’t let me take care of it because of rabies. So I carefully used gloves and I took care of it for a week. After I told my parents. They told me that I had found a rare bird which escaped from the zoo. They called he zoo and informed them and they picked it away, even though I was very sad, I realised that I had done something good. If my parents were not there, I would have released it. This was the most best experience of my life.