Grade 6

British Columbia



My home is sweet like a strawberry pie.

My pool blue just like our minds.

My heart is red just like apples.

So I said I like my home it’s sweet and salty.

People who come love this place.

But when I walk in, I think of the people who can’t afford ……

For their children, for their wife, not even for themselves.

For people who die poor, and were born poor; they will be sick.

When you get home you should not be sad if your house is small, because some don’t have a home.

Because you should know that a lot of people don’t even have a paper and pen to write.

Be grateful for what you have. You have a home. Some don’t.

But my home is great.I have a room I like it. I sleep I peek into the room in my bed and I

Relax knowing that one day I will help all those who need help.