Grade 5



I walk home take off my gear make cereal and watch YouTube. Home for me is comfort, love, and everything that meets my needs.

#1-Love. I feel that if you’re sick, you have people that love and care about you and will help you. You should always feel loved and not alone. The last thing on love is that you aren’t ever embarrassed for something – instead you’re loved for it.

#2-Comfort. Home is a place where you should not feel just uncomfortable. You need to have a couch or bed to rest and be comfortable in. You should be able to walk around your home without having a safety hazard or the floor has nails on it or the roof isn’t safe. Lastly, you should feel safe when you get to bed. You shouldn’t feel uneasy or scared of what’s going on outside. You should have a lock on your front door.

#3-Meeting My Needs. I feel that when you come home you should have food and water in your fridge. And also a shower. You also should have clothing, blankets, heaters and fans to be cool or warm in different seasons. Last thing of all you should feel happy to be home and have a home.

I believe that a home is a place where you meet your needs and feel comfortable and loved. That’s exactly what my home is to me.