Grade 5

Grande Prairie


Lots of people say that home is happy and excited but really I think it means that I feel safe and loved. And I have a song for it.

“I’m a happy girl in a happy place and everything I love is around me. My family loves me and I love them back and my home has so many memories that I can’t leave behind. I feel safe and it’s where I like to be all the time when I can’t be I feel so empty so when I can go there I let my feelings free. It’s okay to love what you love and I love my home don’t let anyone judge you or anything you love. I love my home and I will love it forever. Nobody will hurt me because my happy place feels safe. Its where I like to be. Ooh ooh ooh ooh my home ooh ooh ooh ooh my home is my happy place ooh my home is my family. My home is where I like to be. My home has everything I need and I can act like myself.”

And that’s my song. Hope you liked it!
By: Emma Halliday