Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is where I keep warm,
I am safe at home,
I am very thankful for my home.
Home is a place where I love most.

I learned to walk sit and crawl,
In my home where I love the most,
Everyone at my home is warm inside and not cold.
My home has lots of food it is very yummy so I’m not hungry.

I am comfortable at my home,
It is very cozy at my home.
All my friends like to play,
But after that I like to lay.

My siblings live with me in there,
So do my parents they do care.
My animals love me dearly,
I love them too they’re also cuddly just like me and you.

I love to sing in my home ,
Me and my sister dance all night.
We read books and do stuff like that,
It is safe in my home and that’s what I like about that.