Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador


Rachel hiscock
Home is a place that you love and your not afraid to be yourself. Your home is very important.You are not afraid you will get judged about what you do.Home is a place you can be free. At your home you can be happy. And it is where all your family is and you can be safe from the cold.
Think about the people who do not have a home you are very, very, very, lucky to have a home a lot of people do not.I love my home.At your home forget all about the badness that happens. Your home is like a bubble that you are safe in.Don’t forget about your friends that come over and are safe from the bad people. Love your home don’t forget about it. Home is so so important.Home you can forget about what happens around you all the time.Home is where friends and family reunited and make new friendships.Home can make you happy when you’re sad and turn your frown upside down.Always remember about the people who do not have a home.Home will keep you cozy and comfortable and safe.Home is where my pets and my family is. In your home is where all the love is in
your family. Thee END.