Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is a place to stay
Home is a place to live
Home is a place to hide from a storm
You feel special at a home
You make new friends at a home
At a home you should feel good
Every Night I thank God for giving me my home
My home is my home
I love it when I’m at my home
Home is a special place to be
Home is a place to play
Home is a place to see new friends
When I’m home I think of wonderful things
And when I’m home I like to be in my room
Home is a place to sleep and nap
And at my home I play with my sister
And at my home is where I shoot my hockey pucks
At my house is were I play and play all day long
I like my house a lot because it is big
At my house is where I eat my food
Home is where you get new friends
Homes are very big
I love my home a lot
Homes are very special to me

Home is a place that not everyone has so you should feel special that you got