Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador


Madison o’regan

Home is a very important place you should care for your home very much .Home is a place to be safe from all that happens around you . Home is where you can forget all about the bad stuff . Home is a place that you can forget your problems and just have fun all the time . you are very lucky to have any home big or small just think about the people and little kids who don’t have all this good stuff .So you are very lucky to have anything you if you don’t have the new stuff you are still lucky to have some stuff cause some people don’t have anything. You can have a nice home if you keep it clean and your home is like a bubble that keeps you from the bad stuff . You have a home don’t go to your friend’s house and say your house is bad you are lucky to even have a home .In your home you can be free to not be judged it doesn’t matter if you look bad what matters the most is where you live it is important to love your home very very much .Love is in home home is very special to lots of of people because they know that some very little kids have no money to buy a home. You are very lucky to have any home big or small