Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is where it begins,
I am safe and cozy,
Many people don’t have homes,
So I am thankful that I can stay in my home.

I learned to walk, talk, crawl, and sit in my home.
Home makes me feel safe when I feel unsafe,
Everyone in my home is warm inside,
I find food in my home,so I am never hungry.

I am comforted when am in my home.
When I look at the snow falling I am glad for my home,
I would be sad without my great home,
No matter what I love my sweet home.

I would never feel safe without my home,
Home is where strangers become friends,
The unloved become loved,
So I really love my home.

When I lay down in my home,
I think about the ones without a house,
I really think about my house,
I realize how much it’s worth,
Then I really love my house.

I sing and dance in my house,
I have so much fun when I am in my house,
I hope this poem gives someone a home,
When all the entries are in,
I wish that I would give someone a home.