Grade 6

Indian Head


Home is where you and your family are happy and together. It can be in a house, apartment, barn, trailer, or even on the streets. What we don’t realize is that 1 in 8 Canadians are homeless and don’t get a cozy and warm place to live. Regardless of what we think about them, some of them have children and are homeless which means those children don’t get a happy and normal life in a house with there parents. That exactly what I saw when I went to Disneyland.
When I went to Disneyland, I saw all these people who were homeless. When we were about to leave we still had a bunch of food left so we decided to give it to some of the homeless people we saw. When we gave it to them they were so happy that they made me happy.
I learned that not all people are bad and that in the worst situations you can always be positive.
Now that I look back at what I did and I am still happy on the inside. No matter what we are capable of being positive. A home isn’t a house, a home is who you put inside.