Grade 6

Cote St. Luc



Have you ever felt what’s it like to be in a home? For me, in my home I feel safe,warmth,laughter,together etc…In some homes people like spending time with each other.For example, movie nights,restaurants,stories and jokes.Everyone should feel good about them self and cared about but not everyone has that.What does home mean? One might say it’s a house or,a building or a hotel. For me its more, it’s something that you could feel loved in.

In my opinion we should all deserve to have a home, homeless or not.It’s not that just because your homeless you should be treated badly.For some people the streets are their home,a hotel is their home, a mansion could be their home.In reality a home is somewhere where you feel comfortable.If you don’t have a family it’s like not having home because your family is your home.

To conclude a home counts on the inside and not on the outside.I think that everyone needs a home.You should feel happy in your home and don’t forget that the thing that’s most important about your home is your family. In your house you have to be happy to feel that your in it.