Grade 5



Home, home is a feeling that you get when you are reunited in a familiar and permanent place with the people you love and trust. Home is the place you always want to be. Home is a place of attachment and belonging. It’s a place where you can grow some roots with the people you love who share the same space.

Recently my family had a house fire. Ever since, we have lost our sense of home. Even though we’re grieving the loss of our house and our belongings, at least all the pets and family members are safe. Now that we’re in a furnished rental home, it still doesn’t FEEL like home. Firstly, it’s not a familiar nor a permanent place where we can grow roots.Secondly, a home is where memories are made over time. This is someone else’s home with their memories. When I think about the things we lost, the things that matter the most are the ones with memories attached. For example : during Christmas, we received a donated tree and ornaments but then I realised that we didn’t have the ones we made. Sometimes people take their home for granted and don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone.

In a home, you not only grow an attachment to the things that have memories but also to the people who created the memories with you. When you lose someone, you no longer share the same space, for example : when someone you love dies or leaves, your home now feels like somethings missing. You still carry the memories, you just can’t make new ones . Just remember you can always make new memories with the people who are still there in the space you do have.
That is a Home…