Grade 5



A home isn’t a place where you live, it’s a place where you love. We all have a home, just in many different ways but they all have something in common, they are filled with love.
Home is a place where your family loves you, no matter what you do and who you are. Our homes are filled with memories. Each one is different, but they all are unique. I have lots of memories. They aren’t the same to me, but to make all those memories, home is the best place to be. To me, my home isn’t too peaceful and it’s not too loud. There is always a sound lurking around. It could be my sister who wants to play with me, or it could be us together at night watching a movie. Our home can be a place where we can rest in peace from all the hard work we do all day, and it can be the best place to stay or come inside and start to play.
We all have a home, in many different ways. It may be short, tall, real or not at all. It could be in a city or, a place in your mind, full of memories where everybody is loving and kind.