Grade 6

Cote St. Luc


Hi my name is Hanna and I am in grade six. Today I will be speaking of how home means to me.

Have you ever thought of how it might be without having a home? Home truly means a lot to me. Home is where I stay and always play. Home is a place in where I feel safe, loved and warmth. Home is where I get to laugh and cuddle with my family. It is where we cook, we sleep and talk. It makes me feel special that I have somewhere to stay. It makes me feel protected. Home helps me feel calm and relaxed. I always think about how some people don’t have a home. I always ask myself how do they do it? I think that I am a lucky girl with a beautiful home that people dream for. I celebrate holidays,birthdays and parties in my home. I truly wish that everyone can have a home like me. Maybe one day it can be! When I am at other peoples homes I don’t feel the same way as if I were in mine. My home is what I think is the right place for me. Just the right size for my family and I.

There is a quote that says don’t judge a book by its cover. But I think this quote also goes for a home. “ Don’t judge a house by its look”. My classmates and I were talking about how houses are different in the inside. In the inside is your home. So the meaning of this quote is even if the color or style does not look nice it does not mean that it is not nice in the inside. This quote means a lot to me and I can never judge a house by it’s look.

In conclusion, I love my home and my home makes me happy.

Home is where I stay
And I always play.
Home is where I
feel warm and
Where I have my
Own dorm.
Home is where
I’m with my family
And we are always
Chatty. Home is where
My mom cooks the meat
But home sure can’t be