Grade 5



home is a place where you sleep, eat and hang out with family.
stuff that remind me of home is my pigs or my bed, my dog Ernie and maybe even my guitar . When i see home I see the old whale stickers on the bathroom wall or my old stand up WII oh and my chickens. I remember when I first got chickens they were so small and cute (they were noisy at night so I couldn’t sleep sometimes and they smelled) I also see the old coffee table. The things that make me feel like home is my family or my dogs I remember when my step Dad brought the two girls home it was about the middle of the night I woke up with one of the right beside me. Other thing that make me feel like home is simply sitting on my couch and chilling out. I remember when my sister and i would have foot wars on the couch or when we would Play Wii on the couch.