Grade 6



House and Homes

A home is where memories come flowing by, it is where your brain says. “This is where I belong.” Sounds of laughter, and the cozy fire places in winter, when Christmas comes by. This says that a home is a cherish, and a place that you know that you shall not perish. But when school is tough and your abused. Home is the sanctuary, a cherished refuge. Seeing siblings playing winter games, like a snow ball fight, king of the hill, and building snow forts. But a building down the street has no snowmen, or snow forts. That could be a place where no memories wander, and where there isn’t any family to talk to. But some have no homes, or any family to shield you from a misadventure. Climbing trees, watching movies late at night, waking up on Christmas break, feeling happy. Having hope for another great year. Playing card games and losing. Having conversations in long car rides that the parents tell you to breath before speaking anymore. But moving is like scraping all your memories that you had, like starting fresh. Pranking siblings, that they tackle you, falling down the stairs. Those are memories that we don’t want to get rid of. That is the meaning of home