Grade 4

Richmond Hill


Home. The best place you could ever wish for.

We have homes, whatever it is. A condo, apartment, house, or even a cottage. It may seem like something everybody has, but it’s not. Think about all those homeless people on the streets. They are all over the world. We have to think about those people. We should be grateful, because some, actually lots, of people don’t have homes. We are actually “lucky” in a way to have a home. I think everybody should be able to have one.

Home is where love lies and family lives. It’s the place where you usually live and stay in. It’s where you do the most important stuff, like spending time with family. It’s where you have fun. It’s where we look back to our memories, and make new ones. It’s where families rejoice, unite, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s where you start life, and keep on growing. Home is where each, and every day you wake up into a new day and come back to get ready for the next. You can feel however you want. You are free to do anything you want most of the time.

Our home is very important. It keeps us safe and secure. We feel safe in it. It’s what lets us have a roof over our heads. It is a big part of what keeps us alive. It’s what keeps us warm on the cold, snowy, winter nights, and cool on those hot, sunny, summer days. It keeps us safe from the dangerous floods, those horrifying hurricanes, and deadly tornadoes.

Homes are so important to everybody, but yet, we don’t even realize it.

So yes, truly, there is no other place like home