Grade 6



Home, it’s an intricate thing
What makes a home a home for me
Is it has to be a place that I feel loved
Where I can be free
Where I can be myself
It’s a place where the best memories are made
It could even be when you’re held in someone’s arms.
It’s where you belong.
Sometimes you just have that beautiful feeling
Mine is when I’m standing on the ocean side
With the wind blowing through my hair
And I hear the waves crashing against the shore
Where my ancestors walked,
I feel at home.
Home doesn’t even have to be a building
It could be a feeling
When I’m surrounded by people who love me
Canada is my home
It is where I go if you need to talk
Another of mine is the land of tulips and windmills
It’s where I took my first steps.
Where I go for help
Where I grew up and became myself
It’s where I learned to be me
Where tears are shed and smiles are shared
I am comfortable talking out

What does home mean to you?