Grade 5



Home to me is my comfort, safety and family. in my home I feel appreciated and loved, my home is my comfort zone but it’s not the home which I love it’s the people inside which make me love it. In my home my family helps me, and I help them, and I have so much fun with my brother and sister. I really appreciate my home, yes because of the shelter, environment and the really necessary heat it provides but it is the opportunity to make memories and spend time with my family witch I truly adore. I honestly can’t imagine living without a home in Canada, but I would hate it because I would be freezing, uncomfortable and 90% of the time lost. One more thing my home is to me is a learning environment because I make mistakes but, in my home, I feel safe to share them and learn from them. I feel every kid should a home to love and when there having a bad day or being stressed out, they have a place to go to relax, cheer up and have some fun.