Grade 4



When I hear the word home it makes me feel like I am wrapped up in my blanket beside the fireplace.My home is my favorite place because my bed,t.v and xbox-one are there.My home is and old place.I believe it is 30 years old,but its in such good quality.I wonder how it survived all these years.

I feel like I am lucky to have such a good family. I love my mom and dad because when I am sick they help me,when I am hurt they help me and they also buy food so I don´t starve.This is why home is such a good place.So when you see a family member make sure to give them a hug for all that they have done for you. A home is an area of family, love, and memories.

Home is different from a house, A home has its own special address. A house is a place with a random address.Home has your personal belongings in it but, a house is a whole new story. A house has toys,devices, and other things that are not yours.Home is where your family is, a house is a friend´s or a random persons place. Home is awesome by C.R