Grade 5



Home is love. My cats, my family, memories and more. I love my home it’s the place I know the best

I have lots of fun memories like this one time, I wanted to eat chocolate chips and I dropped the bag and spilled them all over the floor, I screamed while I dropped the bag and my sister heard me so she decided to help me pick them up, then we heard the garage open and it was my dad so we started to pick them up quicker and when we were done our dad came in the house. And that is just one of my many fun memories.

I love my cats so much because they are so cute. I have three girl cats the oldest is bailey who is a dark colored tabby cat , the second oldest is binx a beige regular domestic short hair and kinda plump, and last but not least my cat jazzy she is a black tuxedo cat and also kinda plump. I love that my cats are so fluffy because when I am stressed out I like to pet them. That’s why i love my cats so much.

I love my family more than anything in this world, i love my dad, my mom and my sister all tho she could be a little annoying, but i still love her. My dad is funny, my mom is caring and my sister is athletic when i am sad or feeling down my mom can cheer me up

That is what home means to me. Home is love, home is comfort, home is safe. and that is why i love my home. home sweet home.

by P.G.