Grade 6



What is a home?
A home is the things that you remember about this place. A home is where your family awaits for you. A home is is a place of fun and love. A home is a place where you feel safe and secure. Some people around the world have never experienced having a home before because they have no one to have fun with, no people to love and look out for them. Most of us have a nice and cozy home with a family and possibly pets. Most of us also have food, water, and money. But, some people have no family, no friends, no food or water, and no money. I am writing this so I can support the homeless because imagine if you were in their shoes. Just imagine being super hungry and thirsty and you have nothing to be under when it is stormy. Imagine if you have no money and no family to be with. Most of us are very lucky to have food and water, family and friends, a roof to be under when it is stormy, and have heat and a house to stay cozy and warm in. But, some of us we’re not lucky at all.