Grade 6



I think home is a place that you take care of and you respect. People take care of their home because they want their memories to stay in one place at once. When you think of a home, you think you will be safe and protected from things that can hurt you. You want a home because a home is not a house that you don’t take care of. Your home can have all your memories and things that are special and that can only be there. When you want a home you want something special, something that you think is right for you. People want a home that has room for their cherished items or things.

When people help build a home they are making other people happy. When people help someone build their home they are helping people live and stay healthy and much more things. You want to help people and make them happy. People feel good when you help them and they really will feel good when you help them build their home. You want to make people feel like they can be happy with their life and not disappointment. You can help with their homes by raising money for the supplies for homes or buying things to put in their homes.

If I were able to get a house I would want it to be safe for me and for it to be warm because I want it to be my home. You should always respect your home, people who really need homes respect it like it is their child. People in this world don’t always respect their homes. They should because some people don’t spend as much time as they should in their homes. People take advantage of it. Make sure you respect your home and don’t treat it like trash.