Grade 5



This is a different paragraph to right about because your not writing about a story you didn’t right, it’s your paragraph that you make which is different. Home means to me, that you have love around you if that’s your family giving you love your pets, whatever makes you feel loved. Your home could be anywhere, if you feel loved on the streets that could be your home. Home is a special place because home is the place you feel loved not your friends place to feel loved its yours and know one else. Also, home can be anything it could be an apartment a house or even a small bungalow. Homes have a big role in your life, it helps you feel safe when your scared, it helps you feel happy when your sad.

Home compared to a house might sound like the same thing but it’s not, a house can be a home and a home can be a house but a house is just a building. To add on you could move 13 times in your childhood and one of the houses you lived in could just be a building to you but then once you stop moving you might feel at home. To round it up houses can be your home and homes can be your house. but that doesn’t mean your house hast to be your home and vice versa. That is my paragraph about home like what i said at the start it was a different thing to right.