Grade 5



A home is place where I am safe,
A place where you never are afraid,

A place for joy and love,
A place as sweet as a dove

A home is a place where dreams come true,
A home is a place to go when I’m feeling blue,

A home is a place for family and friends,
We’ll still be together from end to end,

A home has memories in every room,
A place where love always can bloom.

A home is full of lots of traditions,
It’s a place where anyone has permission,

to just walk in and settle back,
And enjoy the joyful chatter and laugh.

A home is a place that’s positive and fun,
As warm and cozy as a shining sun,

A home is a place where you feel the best,
A home is a place to sit and rest.

I love my home, don’t you love yours too?
It’s as beautiful as sparkling dew,

A home is a shelter on rainy days,
A time where you can sit and gaze,

And know that in your heart that this is true;
You are lucky to have a home