Grade 5



Home Home is a feeling, not a place.
Home is where you laugh freely.
Home is where you feel safe and secure.
Home is where you are without judgment.
Home is where you are loved greatly.
Home is a happy feeling.
At home there is no one to question you about right or wrong or criticize you around the clock. When you leave to pursue your dreams, you will always be welcomed back.You belong at home. I hope someday every person in the world can call someplace home. Just like me as I’m all snug in my bed all warm and cozy with nothing to cause me to fret me, my possessions spread all over my house without me having to worry. Yet some people are forced to put everything they own into a sack that will go onto their back as they wander with no point to set down at. I hope this will help in someway to end the problem of homelessness.