Grade 6

Campbell River
British Columbia



To me, a home is love.
A place to love and to be loved.
A place where I am free to be myself,
and where I am not judged.

Home is a place that I love.
A place where i feel safe,
and welcomed.

My home is very special ,
and a good part of my life,
besides family of course.

A place where i feel calm
and relaxed after a hard day.
A place where i can put up my feet,
watch T.V,
play a game, or do anything like that
without any troubles.

Some people may think that a home is a place to sleep, a place to shower, or a place to cook,
But it isn’t.
It may be part of it, but there is much more.

A home is like part of an icecream cone.
Family is most important, therefor, the cone.
Next is friends, which would be the icecream.
All my luck, being able to go to school, having money, food, and stuff like that, would be the chocolate sauce. And a home, a home would be he sprinkles.
The item that makes the cone complete and enjoyable.
The item that makes the cone worth living for.

Overall, a home is love.
A place to love,
and to be loved.

I hope that this poem helps another family get a home and become more fortunate.
I hope that another family can experience the feeling of having a home, just like i love to.