Grade 5



To me home means a place of wonder where you live and a home is a place blessed where you and your family can be safe and happy. Have all you need and share you happiness and sadness. where you can help each other as a family it does n’t matter if you are big or small. is a safe heaven and a safe zone, a place where you can enjoy with your family , pets and friends a place to build memories . a place where we can be ourselves . and whether our house and buildings are big or small fancy or modest they are our shelter . a place that is special . home is a world of dreams and once when you enter the house then your tiredness will go away and happiness will come to you. Home is where love resides where memories are created friends are always welcome and laughter never ends.
A place where one is free from attacking and emotions are never ending a world’s most famous place. It is full with love and care .

By: hansa