Grade 4



To me, home is a place where I can feel safe,I can express my feelings and I can do things that I might not want other people to see.Home is where I can sleep,eat and play. Home is a place where feel loved.It is a place where family and friends come together to do things that make everyone feel happy,sad,excited and just feel all there feelings.I can snuggle up and get cozy with my parents and brother.

At home everyone is in charge of themselves being in charge of yourself means you can choose what you do and how you feel.When I am at home I think of my family, my family is always there for me and they worry about me.It is a place where you have a roof over your head.And it is a place everyone can be free and can have any feelings they want.

Home is more than you might think, it is a place that feels magical like you have magic powers to remember all the great things that have happened there and the mistakes you’ve made so that you can learn from them.