Grade 4



Sweet Home
Home is a place where you are safe. It puts a roof
over our heads .It is where we make new memories .
It is a place to be loved by your mom , dad, brother and sisters , grandmother and grandfather . Home in other
words is ,happiness, peace, love and material things with one’s family . A home is a place that tells a story to you.
A home is more then four wall to me it is just like a big castle .Home is important moments of our life.
It is where you have fun with your friends .You play games
with you brother and sister at home . At home you have a
very comfy bed where you sleep on it for the whole night.our pet lives in our home with us .
You paint ,draw and sketch at home. You help your
mom and dad when they need it and they help you when you need it. At home you celebrate
birthdays , holidays and family parties. Home is where
all of you belongings are like your toys,books,art and computer. You watch TV with your family at home. Home is a great place to live in .I love my home and you should too.