Abdul Rahman

Grade 4



When you enter the house, there is a small room to the right that my family and I call “the den.” When you look forward, you see a table with 6 brown chairs. The room that the table is in is the kitchen. The room to the left of the kitchen is the living room. There is a small hallway beside the living room that leads to a small bathroom and a room that my family and I call “the mudroom.” The mudroom leads to a small closet and the garage. I don’t really go in the garage so I won’t talk about it. In the 1st hallway, there are 2 stairs, they lead to the basement and the 2nd floor.

First, we’ll look at the second floor. When you get to the top of the stairs, to the left you see the master bedroom. The bathroom in the master bedroom is HUGE. It has 2 sinks, a bathtub (that my family and I never use) and a shower. The closet in the master bedroom is also HUGE. I will tell you 2 things that closet has. Big suitcases and bins + you can also fit like at least 15 people in the closet. Now, if you go out of the master bedroom, on the other side of the hallway is one of my married brother’s rooms. That room has a small closet, a big bed, 2 drawers, and one of those mirror tables. The bathroom leads to my bedroom, but I don’t use the bathroom. My bedroom has 2 sleeping mats, a big bed, and a normal bed. You’ll be surprised at how many people sleep in that room. There are 5 people sleeping in that room. I don’t have any more space writing this story, so long!