Grade 5



My home means so much. I don’t know what I could do without it. My home means the world to me. I love it so much because I have a caring family and dog! I walk into my room and I get a lovely vibe because me and my mom took our time to make my room lovely and special. My room is me themed because I helped with the work and design. My whole house is me and represents me and my family witch to me and my family is very important. When I walk into any part of my home I can feel the love and the respect I have! Anything and everything about my house is spectacular and amazing to me and everyone that lives in my house because over our love we spread and share together! Just because I love my house doesn’t mean I love it every day but here and there I get squished and annoyed but I will always treasure my house from now on. When I enter my house and see my family smiling and being all happy I get happy and I know that they are the right people for me and my house is just the right size and comfort for me! I wish every won could have a house just like mine because you’d feel happy and feel like yourself!