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There are several different reasons why your home could be safe, free, welcoming. Cozy and exciting. It can be cozy because you are with your family and can be cuddling in bed. At my home I feel free because I can be happy or mad or more and let my emotion show. I also feel welcomed, because I recognize it and know I will always be safe. I know my home is safe because I know my family and my house will keep me safe.My home is very exciting because lots of happy things like having delicious and sharing stories about the day.

Whenever I think about home, I think it’s comfortable, a happy place, a place to play and be with family. I feel comfortable at home because I can be comfy in bed and with family. It is a happy place because I like to read, knit, do crafts, and more and that’s what makes me happy. I like to play with my sister at home and make forts and play restaurant in the basement. It is a place to be with family and have fun with them. As you can see, I love my home and love sharing in with my family.

My favorite things about home are sleeping, resting, writing, and reading. I like sleeping because that is how I charge up my energy. Resting is important to me because when I rest I read, and I like reading because I learn new words. Writing is fun because I can write stories and paragraphs and essays. I love my home.