Grade 6



Tommy was having a frustrating day. His parents were on his case about homework and he needed a break so he rode his bike to the Bronx to play basketball. When he started shooting around, he noticed a kid sitting alone. Tommy walked over and said, “Hey, my name’s Tommy. What’s yours?”
“A-Aaron,” the boy said nervously
“You wanna play basketball“ asked Tommy?
“O-Okay,” Aaron said happily as though he had been hoping Tommy would ask.
They started playing “H-O-R-S-E” and Aaron was actually pretty good. Didn’t take long and the two boys were hitting it off.
“Okay, I have HORS and you have HOR.” said Tommy.
Aaron was next. He threw the ball behind his back and right at the hoop. SWISHHH!
“Uh-oh” said Tommy, knowing he’d have a hard time making it. He tried and missed. Instead of being bummed that he lost, he was pumped to have made a new friend.
“I’m getting hungry so I should probably head home soon,” said Tommy. “See you here tomorrow?” asked Tommy.
“Sure!” said Aaron.
Tommy started to leave. He looked back and saw Aaron sitting with his head down on the bench again. Tommy went back and asked, “What’s wrong?”
Aaron said, “I’m not sure when my mom will be home or if I’ll even get supper tonight.”
“Really?” said Tommy. He thought for a second and asked Aaron if he would like to come to his house for supper.
“Sure, I mean if you think your parents would be ok with that,” said Aaron.
As they walked home, and Aaron explained what his family was like, Tommy realized how glad he was that he was growing up in such a caring and loving home. Suddenly the frustration he had felt earlier that day was replaced with gratefulness.