Grade 5



Home is very important and special to me. I grew up there, said my first word, learned how to walk and talk. Home is very magical. Home is where I have no worries while I read a book. I never feel alone. I feel loved by my family members. Home is where my mom is telling me and my brother to clean our bedrooms. Home is where I can be myself. At my home I smell different smells that are wonderful like food that is sweet and spicy. My home is clean but sometimes messy. In spring and summer our backyard is filled with a lot of different plants. Home is where my cousins are, with laugh attacks or just a comfortable silence. Home is the place where l can wander around aimlessly. My home is filled with all sorts of lovely and not so lovely memories that are sad, happy, mad, loved, crying and laughing. For me, home has a changed a lot. I had a home in India and now here in Canada but as long as I’m with my family I don’t care where I live, even if my brother can be annoying sometimes (all the times). I know that we still love each other. I hope everybody finds a home.