Grade 5



Home is a magical place
A place of fantasy and imagination
A place of beauty and wonders
Full of a delightful warmth

Where you feel safe and secure
Tenderness and affection
Fondness, Passion, Love
Desire, Constant, Devoted, Faithful
Emotions, Feelings, Sympathy, Empathy
For everyone and everything around you

When you step inside you let out a breath of fear
And let in a breath of relief, and relax
At home you can be yourself
You can let loose

You can find your passion
Your hobby, your talents
You can motivate and inspire other people
Finish things others couldn’t

It is a place where you don’t have to hide
You can wander aimlessly
With no worry to get lost
There is no warning when you get hit with inspiration
You can encourage people, and people will encourage you

Home certainly isn’t flawless; a home is shared with the people you love
It is the shelter that we share
It’s a place of forgiveness
Where comfort is endless
And love is limitless
A place of happiness, friendship and kindness
It can be a feeling or emotion
The best moments and memories will happen at home
There is no need to be frightened when you hear laughter and joy
Home is a paradise where you feel a connection to those around you
We make mistakes and get second chances
Home is the place your heart will always be
Home is a desire for homeless seeking shelter
Let us thank God for our homes, for without then we wouldn’t have anything,
I am confident that I am not alone when I say that I am proud to call Canada my home.