Grade 6




Home is a place where you grow,

When you have silly moments that will always be known.

They can soon become memories that you can never remember,

But that’s okay because you can make more as you get older.

Some of these memories can be happy or sad,

As long as you have a home with family that makes you grateful and glad.

In your home you’ll have to make decisions between the bad or good deed,

But family and love is all you need.

A family can put you back up when your stumbling down.

A family can comfort you when your nervous in the crowd.

Even though you may not see your family everywhere,

At least you’ll know that they’ll always be there.

When I think of people who don’t have a home,

It makes me wonder what its like to be alone.

So help these people who don’t have rights,

So they will have a nice warm place to sleep at night.