Grade 4




Home is a place for anyone

Home to me is where i noticed

Where people recognize me

Where for there’s the most love

Where i fight with my brothers and then forgive them

Where there’s peace and quiet

Where i practice baseball,hockey and basketball

Where im known for my talents

Nobody is there to judge

Where i can share everything that i don’t share with others

Where i can let out all my feelings

Big or small Anybody can fit in your house

The people without a place to be safe or cozzy are out on the streets or living in a place without anything and i would love to help because it would mean everything

Everybody would like to live in a safe home

Some people would like to have mansions but i don’t care what size my house is

I live in a normal sized house but why should care

I love my home i can’t imagine life without a safe home

I want every kid to have that

I’ve always felt comfort in my home and i love that feeling

I think everybody feels special at home and if you think it’s true its true

But if you think your perfect that’s not true nobody is perfect we are all ourselves
For the people struggling we are going to help