Grade 4



Home is a place to love and to chairish. Home is not only about video games but it’s about where you spend time with family and friends. Home is where all the places you love is. Home is where you are comfortable, loved and relaxed. Home is where you live and where you make memories. Home is where you sleep and where you are thankful for what you have. Home is a place to be thankful to have because some people don’t have a home and I want to help the people who don’t have a home because if I was homeless that’s what I would want if I was homeless i’d be poor and that’s not good. Home is where you have fun and laugh. Home is where you snuggle up with your family and watch a movie. Home is a place to just let it out. Home is very awesome and fun. There’s not a word great enough to describe home. So I think home is the best. There’s nothing better than home.