Grade 4




I feel that home is a place of beauty, a place of wisdom, a place of creativity, joy, happyness, and every good thing possible. It has beauty because you can decorate your house to your heart’s content. It has wisdom because your father, mother, cousin, etc, can pass down information to you in it. It has creativity because you can express yourself in any way imaginable, be it art, books, music, etc. It has joy because events can happen in your house, like birthday parties, family reunions, holiday get-togethers, etc. It has happiness because I am with my family, and that’s what makes me happy. For me, I feel that I don’t need a mansion, a big house or even a middle sized house. I’m happy with what I have, no matter the size. To most people, their home needs to be giant, many windows, the highest of high tech, and it needs to be absolutely beautiful.

A home is a place,
Not something that gets destroyed by a mace,

It holds your case,
For the entirety of the human race.

When the sunset falls,
Inside of the walls,
You have a place to call your home.