Grade 5



Home is where you can play games

You can hang out with your family

You can hang out with your friends

You can have sleep overs

You can do crafts

You can have animals

You can hang out with your cats/dogs

You can call your friends

You can video tape your self if you have a tube channel

You can share your problems with your family

And you can share your feelings with your family members

You can let out all your problems

You can be happy

You can be sad

You can be angry

You can be surprised

You can have birthday parties

You can play outside of your house

You can play hide and seek

You can play tag

You can play games

You can do anything your allowed to do

You can be any emotion

It could be your happy place

You can talk with your mom or dad if you live with them

You can play on a PS4,pc, Xbox, Android, IOS, any technology you have in your house

You can hang out in your own room

You can sleep in

You can stay up until whatever time you can

You can let friends come over for a while or a day or have a sleep over

If friends come over, you can stay up late and watch movies and play games and eat snacks