Grade 6



When I think of home I think of: shelter, warmth, and fun. These are some reasons why.

When I think of home I think of shelter. Shelter provides me with protection from storms like: blizzards, thunderstorms, and hailstorms. Another reason that when I think of home I think of shelter is when it’s winter I feel sheltered from the cold. For my last reason is when it’s dark my home shelters me from things I fear like, kidnappers and robbers.
Thinking of home makes me think of warmth. When I think of warmth I think of how my blankets keep me warm at night. Another reason is thinking of warmth makes me think of how my jacket and ski pants keep me warm outside when it’s cold. Lastly when I think of home I think of warmth because of when I’m sick a nice cup of hot chicken noodle soup cheers me up.
Whenever I think of home I think of having fun because at home I have toys that I can play with. Another reason is that at home we have a tv that we can watch cable on. Last but not least at home I have a tablet that I can play games on.
Those are three reasons for what I think of home as.